Why should I adopt my Greyhound from USA D.O.G.?

With many greyhound rescue groups in operation, you may find yourself asking this very question. The following paragraphs will detail what we believe are the strongest reasons for adopting your retired racer through a group like USA D.O.G. If you live within our 12 state area of operation, we would love to talk to you about adopting a new loving companion. If you live outside our area of operation, you may want to use this information to check out a prospective agency. There are many good groups doing wonderful work, but we strongly urge prospective adopters to support an organization that best reflects your feelings about greyhound racing and the plight of the dogs.

USA D.O.G. is a non-profit rescue organization that is totally independent from all aspects of the dog racing industry. We are not affiliated with any other organization(s). We receive no funding from any corporation, foundation, humane society or race track. Our only source of funding is throughdonations, and the modest donations for adoption, which allows us to be steadfast in our convictions. We will not be manipulated by any outside entity.

USA D.O.G. is primarily a rescue organization, which means our goal is to help bring an end to the use, abuse, and senseless destruction of greyhounds bred for racing. If we were to simply place dogs into homes without voicing our opposition to the practices of the racing industry we would only be assisting the trainers, breeders and track owners in these awful abuses. We tell folks the whole story first, then we tell them that greyhounds make wonderful pets.

 Greyhound rescue is more than just pulling a group of dogs from the track, spaying or neutering them, then handing you their leash leaving you to fend for yourself. When we save dogs from the track, all of their medical work is done - spay or neuter, teeth cleaning, deworming, initial shots, first nail clip, etc., and they are given time to recover from their surgery. The greyhound is also "cat tested" to see how they react to small animals. We do everything possible to prepare the dogs for their new life in a loving home - a home such as yours.

 When you take your new friend home, we don't abandon you. Most questions or concerns can be addressed by the local USA D.O.G.representative. If for some reason the adoption fails (a very rare occurrence), we require that you bring the dog back to us for replacement.

Indeed, when you adopt a greyhound from USA Defenders of Greyhounds, you have joined a group of people who are concerned about you and your new friend. We sponsor get-togethers, "Meet & Greets" at local pet supply stores, and other events in which you are invited and encouraged to attend with your new friend when you feel the time is right.

Thank you for your interest in greyhound adoption. If you have any questions, please feel free to call a local USA D.O.G. representative.

P.O. Box 1256
Carmel, IN 46082

USA D.O.G. is a non-profit, all volunteer organization with no ties to the dog racing industry.
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