Greyhounds and Children:

The adult Greyhounds placed by USA D.O.G. are better with children than most breeds. While they are patient dogs, they do not want to be harmed by a child or anyone else. As a result, they tend to walk away from a problem rather than confront it. Of course as a matter of responsible pet ownership, it is recommended that no pet be left alone with small children.

Greyhounds & Other Pets:
Greyhounds are very social animals. They can learn to get along with just about any pet, but they must be introduced carefully. They are hunters by nature, in turn their natural tendency is to take a closer look at small fuzzy animals, such as cats. However, a dog and cat can become very close, and we have dogs living with cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, pigs, and pigeons! 

Shedding and Coat Maintenance:
All dogs shed. However, they have a short coat with a very light undercoat, so a little brushing in the spring and fall will take care of the problem. (And the dogs LOVE to be brushed!) 

The Greyhounds are kennel trained, that is, they know not to go in their kennels. They are quick learners but you must show them where the living area is and where they are supposed to go to relieve themselves. When the dogs are first brought into a home they should be taken for frequent walks so they can learn where they can and can't "go". 

Greyhounds as Watchdogs:
Most will bark at strangers, but if an intruder persists, they will back away. Since Greyhounds do not attack, they can be considered watchdogs, but not guard dogs. 

Exercising your Greyhound:
Greyhounds are natural athletes, and they love to race around in circles within a fenced yard. They usually do this daily before they flop down on the bed for the day. Exercise is not a problem for greyhounds - they will walk or jog with you, or rest peacefully beside you in front of the television. They are not hyper or nervous. Basically they will learn your life pattern and adapt. 

The Cost of Greyhound Care:
The regular care and maintenance of a Greyhound is about as much as any dog of the same weight - about $2 a day and all the love you can give! 

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