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David and Chelsea

David and Chelsea, sitting in a tree.  What a pair these two loud mouths are, you can always find Chels when dad is not around by that classic Coon Hound/Lurcher bark.  We found each other in 2009 and she hasn't left my side since, smarter than your averagle dog and by far more stubborn than most, she is the love of my life.  I can only say thank you to Sally and Cindy and every single volunteer in this group, you changed my life forever and I shall be forever in your debt.  


 Kari and her crew

2014 was a momentous year for me and it started with the purchase of my first home. Having living space that was double my previous apartment, I was interested in sharing my life with a four legged friend. The more I thought about it the more I knew if I should find a pair of dogs that couldn't be separated, I wanted to be able to adopt them both. I started researching different rescues and checking out shelters in my area when I found the picture of Miles. His picture caught my attention because he was pictured with another, nearly identical, dog. A male and female, both fawn brindles who had been in another home for several years and it was a wish that someone would adopt them together. I filled out the application and prayed that it would work out to bring them home. I set up a meet and greet and was aware how difficult it was to not only place pairs of dogs but senior dogs as well. The pieces started to fall into place and a few short weeks later Miles and Maddie came to live with me. My co-workers threw me a surprise "puppy shower" and Miles and Maddie got many treats and squeaker toys for their new home.

It was obvious we were meant to be together. Walking in the neighborhood, they were well behaved and I received many compliments on their elegant nature and their friendly demeanor. As we fell into our routines of walks, naps, and meals I started to wonder if there was another piece missing in our family puzzle. I contacted the rescue again and asked if there were any other older dogs who still needed a home. Miles, Maddie and I were soon connected with Richie, a greyhound mix. He was timid and shy but warmed up quickly thanks to Miles and Maddie and their sweet attention. I love my greyhounds and I love USA Defenders of Greyhounds for bringing us together. 


Bentley (OW’s Caesar):

02-’93 to 01-‘06

Janet Arnold

Nashville, TN

Ben came into our lives in May ’97 as a tall, long, brindled beauty. He was the Alpha among all the Greyhounds to follow. He was quiet and reserved. He ate slowly and deliberately, giving the impression that he was at a Four Star dining facility. When you watched him you always wondered when the single stem in a crystal vase and the wine glass had been removed. When Beau arrived and crowded Ben at mealtime, Ben never growled or complained. He began taking the first mouthful of food and depositing it on the carpet about six feet away from his feeder. Then he returned to his bowl and finished his food while Beau was distracted.

Ben was the best GH trainer you could ask for. The dogs that followed learned impeccable house manners quickly, and rarely strayed from them. Ben could run like the wind and as he aged he let the younger dogs run themselves out while he sniffed the ball field and examined the fence posts. (I could never stop him from watering first base.) Then he would challenge the other dogs to a race which he always won.

Ben left us as gracefully as he arrived, a gentleman always. He is greatly missed.

Greetings from El Salvador!  I am happy to report that Logo is doing very well in her new home.  At first, it took her a few days to learn the stairs and the patio door windows, and she was very hesitant to walk around in the yard.  She didn’t play much and was not interested in toys. 

3 months later:  She loves her toys; her favorites are a stuffed platypus with brown squeaking plush eggs inside, and her “hide a squirrel”, which is a plush tree trunk with holes in it and little plush squirrels that squeak inside that she can pull out. She has lost 5 pounds and is still 1 pound too heavy for her ideal weight, according to Dr. Kathi Berman.  We’ll keeping working on that.  

She is very healthy and has become much more energetic.  She barks about once every three weeks, but it’s only when she is so excited to go for a walk.  And it’s only one bark. We go for a walk, run or to the dog park almost every day; she is excellent on the leash. In the past few weeks, she has really started liking the yard. Before she would never go outside by herself. Now she is going in and out frequently and enjoys sniffing the bushes.  She also enjoys the beach. She likes to dig nests in the sand and play in the water. She is getting along well with all adults, children and pets in the neighborhood.  She has a smaller playmate, named Lucy, that is a 2 yr. old mixed breed rescue.  Lucy is my neighbor’s dog and we designate Thursdays as “play day”.  Logo goes to Lucy’s house while we are at work for the day. Lucy is very energetic and keeps Logo on her toes.  We try to have them play together as often as possible. 

Logo is probably the only greyhound in El Salvador.  People literally stop me on the sidewalk to ask me what type of dog she is.  People even slow their cars down to look at her! People that have met her all comment on how sweet, soft and gentle she is.  She is the perfect pet!!!  I already know that I would love to adoptanother greyhound when the time is right. Logo gets so happy and excited around other dogs.  It would be great for her to have a full?time playmate. 

Thank you so much for helping me adopt such a wonderful pet!  Whenever she meets someone new, I always tell them the story of the greyhoundracing industry, so she is a great educational tool as well!

Holly Jones 
San Salvador, El Salvado

Cairo & Petra ...

We're so happy to welcome our second Greyhound in 5 months into our home! Having had two Greys in the past, there was no question when it came time to add a canine companion to our family, that Greyhounds were what we wanted! Cairo our male joined us in February and has been a joy to have here. He is a gentle giant with a silly and loving personality. We wanted a playmate for him so we adopted a sweet girl we named Petra this July. They bonded immediately! We've since learned they share the same sire so they truly are half-siblings! Petra is a little slip of a dainty girl! So pretty and sweet. Learning 'home life' was a snap for her with Cairo to show her the ropes! She truly is a smart girl !

The joy in both their eyes as they roll around in the soft summer grass seems to vanish away the life they have lived before their rescue. The rigors of a race dogs life have been replaced by love, hugs and the promise of a forever home! Greyhounds are so resilient. Able to adapt and forgive. Willing to open their hearts up to us, as we teach them to be what every dog should be ... a loved member of our families.

Thank you USA Dog for giving Cairo, Petra and as many Greys as you can, a chance for love & LIFE!! I tell anyone who stops to talk with me as I walk down the street with my two beautiful 'kids' about how amazing these special dogs are. So many people have heard about the plight of Greyhounds and really want to know more. Let's spread the word and rescue as many Greyhounds as we can ... to give them what they deserve!! 

This is our beloved greyhound "Ramsey," formerly known as! We adopted Ramsey in December after loosing our beloved greyhound "Sunny" to bone cancer. He has been the best comfort to me and has impressed me with his quick learning. And of course he is so handsome. I did not have to crate him long before he learned the rules of living in a home. Of course living with six other dogs helped in the training process! Lana, our beloved greyhound coon mix, has become best buddies with Ramsey. She finally has someone to chase her! They are such a joy to watch and even lay down next to one and other sharing the dog bed. What is it with the bond between greyhounds! They just know! 

I hope everyone that reads this considers adopting a greyhound as they are the best dogs you will ever own. I rescued my first greyhound 20 years ago and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. If you have already adopted a greyhound, please consider adopting another one or a greyhound mix or an angel dog from USA DOG! They all need and deserve forever loving homes and are so grateful! As the saying goes, they are like lays potato chips, you just can't have one!  
Bach has been a huge addition to a small family.

I brought home this great big dog to live with me, my two cats, and my small dog Gypsy and it turned out that his personality is just as big as the rest of him.  He's all heart and goofiness; I can't even remember what it was like before he came to live with us.  

Bach quickly came out of his shell and started playing with Gypsy -- he is so gentle with her that he just stands there with a silly grin on his face while she stands up and puts her paws on his chest or side to try to prove how big she is.  He's taken up with one of my cats, insisting on licking her on top of the head every time she comes near him. 

An incredibly smart dog, too, Bach is learning everything with ease. Of all of the things he has learned watching him "sit" is actually what I enjoy the most. No matter what treat is offered he refuses to sit anywhere that is not warm and cushioned, like a blanket or the carpet. He will keep his eyes on his treat while backing up into the living room, where he finally plops down on the rug in an ungainly sprawl. He's such a graceful dog most of the time that it is beyond me to say how funny it is to watch his rear hit the floor like a sack of bricks being dropped off the roof.  

Another trick I unintentionally taught him is to "give me a hug." Bach immediately jumps up, comes over to me with his tongue hanging out and tail wagging, and then turns and stands still for me to hug him around the neck.  He is extremely affectionate and loves to give kisses and get hugs and petting.  He has also become a big hit in my neighborhood and the dog park where he stops by every single person we pass to give them a chance to pet him.  

When he isn't busy napping in front of the TV, he loves to play in the snow and the fall leaves and it is amazing to me that he has the opportunity to do those things after the life he had before. I am totally crazy about this dog and I wouldn't know what to do without him now.

A few words about my darling baby boy:
After considering adoption of a retired racer for over a year, I decided to make the leap and bring a beautiful Greyhound into my life. I truly believe that Grant (formerly Ulysses S. Grant) was the one who chose me on adoption day. I really wanted a big, dopey boy and that’s just what I got!
Grant loves his new home and new best friend, my Siamese cat, George. Grant was a little timid at first, never even trying to sit on the couch or really go anywhere without me; but all of that has changed. He is an eternal lover of all living things and sometimes can’t understand why strangers aren’t clamoring to pet him. He has blossomed over the past several months and now claims all furniture in my house as his own. After a long day of lounging and snoozing, Grant greets me each evening with a comical dance because he’s so excited.
I couldn’t imagine my life without my beautiful Grey-Grey, his funny personality and loving, gentle nature is a perfect compliment to my home. Grant’s big, deep sighs as he nuzzles my hands and cuddles with me on the couch is one of my favorite sounds. Greyhounds are truly angels in dog suits ... and Grant’s my perfect angel!

Mikey was "Nike" when he came to Cortland, Illinois in late July, 2009. Mikey is a much better name for this 80 pound baby! He is very affectionate with us and quite tolerant of our little dogs. His bestest dog pal is our pug, Pip. They love racing around the back yard together.
Mikey loves soft, fuzzy squeaker toys and has beds in every area of the house:  the computer room, the kitchen, the workshop, and the family room. He lets us choose the TV channel (as of today, anyhow, maybe next week he will insist we leave it on Animal Planet all the time) and has a very healthy appetite.
He continues to have trouble with an old racing injury, but we try to keep him comfortable, and it doesn’t bother him enough to prevent him from enjoying his life with us. What a great guy!

This is Riley - once known as "Dodge" and "Legendary Fire". He has taken to yachting in his retirement. He came to me 3 years ago at age 3 with a sense of humor and love for life.  He lives in a big city and finds every walk a new adventure and hasn't seen a single thing on the city street that isn't worth a second or third sniff/look. 

While politely leading me around, Riley makes sure to visit the "hot" spots where dogs are welcome and treats available. He has only one message to his adoring public: "Please, I know I'm beautiful, but I'd rather be known for my fascinating personality and intelligence." 

When he isn't boating or being admired by strangers, he likes to hang out at home on his many dog beds and get numerous belly rubs from his loving Mom.
"Princess Seemah" was rescued in Florida after the hurricane and flown to Alaska to her new home on Thanksgiving weekend 2004. She stood as still as a statue upon her arrival but readily made friends with our three other dogs and two cats. Weighing only 57 pounds but waited for the other dogs to eat before eating her own food. She was very docile and quiet; we barely noticed she was in the room. 
Slowly Seemah began to relax but would allow us to hug her only briefly. She easily learned to climb the stairs to our second floor bedroom where she agreed to curl up on her new pillow bed. 
Three years later our "little big dog" now lets us hug her with both arms around her and she gently nuzzles our hands and face. She rarely moves to get away now and waits until we've filled our quota of love. She also lets us know when it is bedtime - flying up the stairs ahead of everyone. But she won't lie down until she ensures that there are three other dogs also ready for bed. She is very protective of our other animals and is often the first to their rescue if she hears them bark or whine. She would have made a wonderful mother, or shall I say, she does make a wonderful mother ... gentle but firm when she needs to be.
Oh, and she isn't quiet anymore. Every morning she does a little dance and speaks Greyhoundese for her special treats. And of course she is very smart. After her third treat, she knows that is the limit and goes to her bed for her morning snooze. Yes, it is a hard life this rescued greyhound lives and well, a better, more rich life for those of us given the great fortune to share our space with a greyhound.


 If you would like to share your story about your USA D.O.G. family please send a snapshot and story to Sally Allen.


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