The perfect gift for any hound lover, each purhcase benefits the USA Dog rescue fund. Accepting pre-orders until November 25th, limited quantites are available and expected delivery by December 15th. Please contact David @ with any questions and hope you enjoy the calendar.  If you already have your 2017 calendar picked our, please consider helping us to contine our mission and make a donation just cleck the donation button to the right and thanks for visiting USA Defenders of Greyhounds, Inc!


Help support USA Dog and our continued mission to find homes for every retired racer and other dogs in need.  

All proceds from the sale of this shirt benefit the USA Defenders of Greyhounds rescue fund.  .


Featuring the artwork of Dean Russo and the top quality printing of The Mountain this shirt is sure to please any greyhound fan. Dean's messagoe of Born to Run - Not to Race is a sentiment close to so many of our hearts. Please show your pride and voice your opionion by sporting one or more of these great T's.Place your order by just clicking on the shirt image and choosing your sizes and quantites. d Beisinger Phoography is donating all lthe profits from this promotion to USA Dog so please send this link to all your anti racing friends. 

USA Defenders of Greyhounds is one of the oldest and largest rescue organizations in the country, and one of a very few multi-state groups which is totally independent from all aspects of the dog racing industry.

We have a twofold mission:

Greyhound rescue & public education of racing industry practices

Our ultimate goal is to make sure that every retired racing greyhound has a forever home to retire in. There have been many success stories over the past few years, but there is much more work to be done. The "kindest" fate that awaits the doomed racer is a lethal injection given by a track vet or technician at an animal shelter or pound. With your help we can make sure that the dogs that are released from the tracks and retired can be vetted, adopted and placed in loving homes. 

Dave's Little Greyhound Shoppe

Every Purchase Benefits the USA Dog Rescue Fund.

We are just getting started, but check out the store and I promise to add new items every week. Have a great photo to use for gift items.  Submit it to be considered for use in the store by submitting it to

Brandi Davidson

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